Communication Analytics

RSI offers a complete spectrum of communication analytics, for cloud communication providers and traditional PBXs, that scalable across all configurations including single and multi-site enterprises. Organizations can now have complete visibility across the entire spectrum of a corporate communication ecosystem.

Modules include historical call accounting, call center reporting, call recording playback, real-time agent/queue dashboards, team collaboration adoption metrics, and emergency notification.

Shadow A1 Agents

Benefits of Communication Analytics

By leveraging the latest technologies, RSI analytics empowers enterprises to increase adoption of new technologies, remove bottlenecks, reconcile expenses, facilitate team collaboration, improve customer experience and empower productivity.

User Adoption

Drive digital transformation by ensuring available modes of communication are successfully deployed and utilized.

Customer Experience

Monitor the health of your communication ecosystem through ongoing real time analysis of agents and queues, call quality, and network facilities

Communication Spend

Utilize rating and tariff plans to reconcile invoices, identify cost savings, roll up organizational cost allocation and determine ROI on new deployments.

Emergency Notification

Ensure the safety of your organization by triggering emergency or critical alerts to authorized personnel, desktops, mobile devices, lamp light and email.

Employee Productivity

Exceed corporate standards by analyzing calling patterns, identifying misuse/abuse, ensuring inbound call handling performance and optimizing resources.

Dispute Resolution

Retain archives of communication records in order to query historical records to resolve customer or employee disputes.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet legal and regulatory compliance standards through the proper retention of communication activity information.

Training & Monitoring

Study call recordings to ensure gold standard customer experience and highlight areas potential development or retraining.


Origins of Shadow

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) has been developing communication management analytics solutions for over 3 decades. Shadow All In One Analytics (originally branded Telecost Voice & Data Management) was first released in 1993. Over its lifetime, Shadow has undergone many technology changes including a move to the cloud. The product is now deployed in over 100 countries globally and trusted by over 15000 locations.

  • What is Shadow All In One Analytics?

    Shadow All In One Analytics is communication analytics solution that can reside in a cloud environment or locally on a Windows computer system. It is fully scalable from small SME environments to a large enterprise with millions of transactions. Using the most current technologies, the browser independent web-based interface, provides a common, consistent and intuitive user experience.

    Shadow empowers communication managers with a robust solution that encompasses all communications to make proper business decisions and ensure the health of their business lifeline. Valuable metrics can be centralized and used to identify network bottlenecks, detect system hacks, curb misuse and abuse, deliver emergency notifications, improve productivity, meet regulatory compliance and increase adoption.

  • What does Shadow All In One Analytics include?

    Shadow All In One Analytics offers several powerful modules in one application including call accounting, call queue and agent reporting, real time dashboards, messaging metrics, call recording playback and emergency notification. Communication managers can derive statistics for quality of service, agent performance, user usage and adoption statistics. Important or emergency notifications can be delivered to communication managers via email, team collaboration spaces, desktop notification or a mobile device. Each module can also be deployed in standalone environments.

    Integrates the following products (formerly sold separately):

    Shadow CMS Enterprise
    Shadow is a fully scalable portfolio of communication analytics solutions that can run on a Windows computer system (with a Microsoft SQL Server Express database engine) in SME environments to a fully distributed enterprise network (with a powerful Microsoft SQL Server database engine that can grow to thousands of terabytes. Using the most current technologies, the browser independent web-based interface, provides a common, consistent and intuitive user experience both locally and remotely to the system. Multithreaded, distributed agents can be used to prevent tremendous volumes of data from overwhelming the system.

    Shadow RTD Real Time Dashboards
    Shadow RTD is a powerful tool that can monitor a single or complex array of mission-critical communication systems that require uncompromised performance and availability. The solution is a browser-based, real-time console that can monitor and analyze data from virtually any telephony platform or device, including ACD, hunt groups, contact center, call center, voice mail, SNMP and CDR. Using Shadow RTD, supervisors can instantaneously view metrics showing the health of their communication facilities.

    Shadow OSN Onsite Notification
    Shadow OSN is a real-time watchdog for your communication facilities, monitoring traffic as it happens to ensure that everything is running smoothly. In the event of a critical emergency, Shadow OSN can notify administrators or security via email, text and team collaboration channels.

    Shadow CRM Integrator
    Shadow CRM Integrator is a unified communication productivity enhancement solution for click-to-dial, screen pop, real-time telephone status, call logging and instant messaging. Shadow CRM Integrator seamlessly integrates various communication access points under one umbrella, enhancing overall business performance.

    Shadow Spaces
    Shadow Spaces for Team Messaging creates actionable business intelligence about your team collaboration adoption, usage and performance.

  • Why are Shadow Agent and Shadow Bot tailored products??

    Shadow Agent and Shadow Bot take advantage of powerful API integrations offered by specific vendors. The products are designed specifically for their platforms.

    Shadow Agent is currently available for RingCentral* (and brand partners), Webex Calling by Cisco and Zoom Phone and Shadow Bot is available as an In-App installation exclusively for RingCentral MVP. Features vary depending on availability of specific integrations.

    *Shadow Agent is compatible with RingCentral brand partners, All RSI products designed for RingCentral are also compatible with RingCentral partner brands (including: Avaya Cloud Office, AT&T Office@Hand, BT Cloud Work, Alcatel Rainbow Office, Telus Business Connect, Unify Office and RingCentral w/ Verizon). Consult the RingCentral page for a detailed list of compatible systems.


Shadow All In One Analytics

Scalable analytics for messages, video & phone, real-time agent/queue dashboards, call recording replay, and alert notification.

Available for most platforms:  


Shadow All-In-One Analytics offers a cloud-based solution for capturing, processing, monitoring, reporting, and archiving transactions across many premise PBXs and cloud communication platforms.






Call Journey Analysis and Call Accounting

Shadow All-in-One Analytics provides cradle to grave management reports which highlight long duration, missed calls, excessive cost, and IVR routing summaries. All activity may be pinpointed to a particular agent, extension, voice mailbox, hunt group, endpoint, or corporate level.

Hundreds of pre-canned report templates can be generated to meet regulatory compliance standards, perform long term trend analysis, and accelerate adoption. A powerful report builder can be utilized for unlimited other templates.

Historical & Real-Time Agent/Queue Dashboards

Shadow All-In-One Analytics can utilize historical metrics for any time period to create trend line analysis of customer experience accounting for seasonal change, workforce levels, and business growth. Real-time metrics from agent and queue activity are presented in dynamic customizable dashboards that can be presented on wallboards or desktops. These dashboards empower supervisors with instantaneous metrics about their communication facilities and offer agents immediate feedback.

Alert & Emergency Notifications

Triggers can be defined to alert on specific agent status, service levels, wait times, abandoned calls, user inactivity, or 911 emergencies. Managers can view statistics for multiple communication facilities from one browser or be alerted via email, text message, audible alarm, lamplight, screen flash, network broadcast, or team collaboration spaces.

Call Recording Queries & Playback

Call recordings are coupled with the call detail records and stored for future queries and or playback. The messages and their transcriptions (if available) are stored for any time period as dictated by corporate policy and compliance. Recordings can be searched based on the number dialed, date, time, duration, and/or query tags.

Compatible with Many Legacy Systems

The first version of Telecost (later Shadow), was first released in 1993. Since then, there have been many iterations and enhancements to our portfolio. We continue to support many platforms from former manufacturers (such as Nortel, Panasonic, ShoreTel and many others). Feel free to Contact Us to inquire about compatibility with your premise or cloud platform.


Scalable Cloud or Premise Deployments

Shadow leverages a web-based interface to offer a common, consistent and intuitive user experience both on premise and in the cloud. The system employs the latest technologies to analyze communication activity from a single point and/or consolidate big data environments with thousands of subscribers.


Premise / Cloud Unified Communications


Communication Analytics Call Accounting

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More Information about Shadow All In One Analytics for these popular providers

RSI communication analytics products are compatability tested with various major communication platforms. For some of our most common integrations, we have created custom web pages that describe our unique designations.


Shadow Agent

Shadow Agent brings call center features to call queues & agents including disposition codes, account codes, AUX codes and dynamic presence dashboards.

Avaliable for:



Shadow Agent offers enhanced call center-like functionality for standard call queues and agents at a fraction of call center seat licenses.

Learn more on our RingCentral, Zoom and Webex by Cisco pages

Disposition, Activity, or Incident Codes

Shadow Agent allows users to tag calls with disposition codes or labels that indicate the call type, reason for the call, the outcome of the call, and the required action. The metrics can later be dissected to provide better insights into product stability, customer experience or resource allocation.

Enhanced Presence Dashboards

Shadow Agent includes a powerful dynamic local presence dashboards that can be configured to show specific queues, departments, or users. Real time leader boards can highlight user or agent activity and performance. Queue dashboards show real time calls waiting, in progress or service levels.

Auxiliary or Presence Codes

Auxiliary Codes (or Presence Codes) are used to track the time an agent has deliberately chosen to not accept calls. Shadow Agent allows for customizable AUX codes such as On Break, Bathroom Break or On Lunch. Timed states can automatically be set for a user after a call. These states are known as Wrap or After Call Work modes.

Enterprise Analytics and Historical Call Queue Reporting

Shadow Agent tightly integrates with Shadow All In One Analytics for account level enterprise reporting, billing integration and real time dashboards.


RingCentral MVP Zoom Phone Webex by Cisco


Agents & Call Queues Real Time Dashboards




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More Information about Shadow Agent for these popular providers

RSI communication analytics products are compatability tested with various major communication platforms. For some of our most common integrations, we have created custom web pages that describe our unique designations.


Shadow Bot

Shadow Bot is an interactive liaison between RSI Shadow applications and team messaging users for real time notifications, ad hoc reporting and historical metrics.

Avaliable for:



Shadow Bot is embedded within RingCentral App and will deliveer emergency notifications or Line Of Business reports to subscribers.

Learn more on our RingCentral page


RingCentral MVP


Chat Bot Reporting Notifications


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More Information about Shadow Bot for these popular providers

RSI communication analytics products are compatability tested with various major communication platforms. For some of our most common integrations, we have created custom web pages that describe our unique designations.