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Executive Team

Rito Salomone

Founder, President

Rito Salomone jointly founded RSI in 1990. Over the last 32 years of his leadership, he has been actively involved in all major aspects of business growth including driving product development, partner relations, acquisitions, marketing, compliance and business development.


Steve Cummings

Co-founder, VP

Steve Cummings jointly founded RSI in 1990. Over the last 32 years, Mr. Cummings has provided leadership in business operations, partner relations, sales management, system integration, budgeting, financial and taxation compliance and product development.


Steve Ginter

Senior IT Engineer

Steve Ginter is the lead cloud and premise IT architect. Mr. Ginter manages the deployment and monitoring of physical and virtual assets making sure they meet the latest compliance and security standards.


Nick Salomone

Technical Services Manager

Nicholas Salomone liaisons with partners, sales engineers, IT specialists and customers throught the implementation, training and ongoing support of our products. Nicholas leads a team of technicians that provide white glove live assistance to customers.