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Managed Services

Outsource Your Collaboration Management Analytics to Our Professional Team

Let our team of specialists analyze your communication metrics and deliver meaningful answers about the health of your communication ecosystem.

Turnkey Collaboration Management

TELECOST Voice & Data Management is an all-encompassing tailored managed service operated by RSI specialists. This remote service utilizes the latest technologies to provide a truly customer centric communication management solution. Utilizing our leading communication management software, RSI offers a complete end to end service for your communication management needs.

Your Business is Dependent on Getting Things Done Effectively in A Timely Manner!

TELECOST professionals can monitor, measure and manage the health of your collaboration ecosystem ensuring that your teams can seamlessly communicate from anywhere, anytime.

Managing Your Communication Spend

Management of communication charges, mobile traffic, equipment fees, network performance and system hacks is often a difficult task. TELECOST provides the necessary tools to allow administrators to forecast, monitor and allocate communications management expenses. TELECOST is capable of capturing and reporting on metrics from a wide spectrum of communication facilities in a small office or large multi-site ecosystem. This solution is ideal for small business with limited resources or large enterprise who need to farm out their communication management needs. There is no need for inhouse software or do-it-yourself cloud portals. Your data is collected to our secured servers using our cloud based secured RSI Secured Data Link (SDL) and results are hosted on a private portal accessible by you - anywhere, anytime.

Collaboration Challenges

Employees spend over two thirds of their time connecting and collaborating*

Nearly 15% of employee work time is lost due to insufficient communication*

Roughly $11,000.00 is lost per employee, per year due to ineffective communication*

How do you plan to ensure your collaboration ecosystem is running smoothly?

Get vital collaboration analytics from anywhere on any device!