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Join our global team of collaboration analytics solution providers.

RSI is eagerly seeking organizations that specialize in communications solutions (i.e. cloud service providers, team collaboration solution providers, telecommunications gear manufacturers, cloud / IP PBX / SIP providers, VARs, telecom companies, property management vendors, consultants and systems integrators). We offer attractive pricing, volume purchase discounts and unique promotions. RSI is the leader in total unified communication management solutions for every enterprise.

RSI products and services are an excellent complement to communication solutions provider offerings. Our solutions are offered to our authorized resellers at an attractive preferred price for resale. You can focus on your core business while offering a spectrum of solutions that customers demand. We take care of implementation, training and ongoing remote support unless otherwise requested by our resale partners.

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What is collaboration?

Collaboration is communication between two or more participants connected from anywhere, anytime to share ideas, build consensus, establish direction, and/or accomplish a specified goal.

Why is collaboration management vital to your business?

Employees spend over two thirds of their time connecting and collaborating*

Nearly 15% of employee work time is lost due to insufficient communication*

Roughly $11,000.00 is lost per employee, per year due to ineffective communication*