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The webinar sessions listed below are exclusively for RSI partners and customers who want to know more about the RSI portfolio of communication management solutions. The sessions provide key information about our latest applications and industry trends. New sessions are added regularly.

Webinar Invitation

RSI offers various online webinars and workshops that can be attended from the convenience of your own desktop or mobile device. Our webinars are offered periodically to our channel partners, installers and customers.RSI offers various types of webinars including sales and technical training.

Everyone is free to register for our any of our Public webinars. In order to attend one of our invitation only webinars, you will need a special Webinar Identifier (WID) assigned by RSI (generally delivered to you via email). This number is generally assigned in order to reserve attendance for the appropriate subject matter. Registering for these sessions ensures that proper resources and facilities are allocated for the event.

Upcoming Public Webinar(s)

Webinar: 19-0101A - Shadow All-In-One Analytics
Subtitle: monitor, measure, manage
Date: 2020-04-23 09:00:00 EST (1 hour) Audience: public
Description: Shadow All-In-One Analytics enables organizations to unify communication facilities under one umbrella and consolidate communication metrics (inc. call accounting, call center, call recordings, emergency notifications, speech analytics and quality of service) to effectively manage their entire ecosystem on premise or in the cloud. Modules can also be deployed in standalone environments.


Communication has rapidly evolved from desk-tied audio connection to participants huddling in virtual groups or teams empowered through voice, video, and chat. Participants can contribute ideas, deliver presentations, engage colleagues, and build direction by sharing files, white boarding and screen share. More than ever before, managers are faced with selecting between a vast array of communication tools. The selection process may be complex but what happens when a chosen solution is deployed is even more daunting. Migrating from traditional premise based PBX solutions to all-encompassing cloud-based team collaboration requires a general shift in workplace culture, buy-in from all stakeholders and maximum adoption. People need to leave old ways of doing things behind.

Our webinars explore the benefits of utilizing RSI Shadow All-In-One Analytics (including call accounting, call center reporting, call recording, team collaboration, emergency notification and integrations).