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Communication facilities are the lifeline of most successful businesses and often the most taxing expenditures. Management of telephone charges, equipment fees, VoIP traffic, internet usage, and provider discounts is a difficult task. RSI provides the necessary call management tools to allow administrators to forecast, monitor and allocate communications management expenses.

Why invest in communication management software?

Traffic Analysis
Telecost tracks all calls including long distance, local, international, internal* and misdialed. In order to determine any accurate traffic study all traffic must be used. Often businesses with high local call volumes that rely heavily on customers calling in are very concerned about busy signals and long hold times. Telecost provides comprehensive traffic reports to highlight grade of service, peak hours and call volumes. This assists telecom. managers in determining whether the network is over/under utilized.

Cost Allocation
Cost allocation to various corporate levels is essential in organizations that function on tight telecom budget. Telecost provides detailed reports for cost allocation to cost center, department, division, extension, authorization code etc. These reports assist in budgeting, forecasting and internal billing while taking into account all telephony-related expenses including long distance, inventory and facility charges.

Telecost provides the means to gather, cost and charge back call information to account codes, projects and/or client matter numbers. This information is readily available at the touch of a button. Therefore, customers do not have to wait for month-end reports before they do billing. Additionally, customers may attach their own mark-up and surcharges to billable items.

Instantaneous Billing
Telecost provides instantaneous billing for billback environments such as: hotels, motels, resorts and hospitals. Telephony expenses are a major cash-cow for most hospitality environments. Telecost provides all the necessary tools for check-in, check-out, markups, surcharges and posting to property management systems.

Cost Comparisons
Telecost uses concrete historical data to provide customers with an unbiased concise picture of their telephone expenses (including local, flat rate, domestic and international). Telecost will analyze proposed tariffs before the customer subscribes to such services.

Misuse and Abuse
Telecost highlights calls made using the wrong facility (ie. long distance calls that could have used the flat rate lines). Telecost provides exception management reports which highlight long duration, excessive cost and misdialed calls. Each call may be pinpointed to a particular extension or authorization number.

Caller Identification
Telecost provides detailed reports of incoming caller identification. This is especially important for service centers logging customer inquiries, advertisers looking to pinpoint incoming 800/888 regions and managers evaluating incoming facilities.

Billing Integration
The accessibility of central office data has given may customers the ability to quickly and easily analyze the traffic from their provider. Telecost provides the means to consolidate popular packages from telco, flat rate and alternate long distance providers that include wireline and wireless traffic data.

Telecost provides detailed telephone charges reports which highlight phone usage practices. This often encourages more focused and right to business calls. Specific reports are designed to set goals and productivity standards.

Telephone Invoice Management
Resource Software International Ltd. is e major supplier of telephone invoice management services to providers of long distance service and corporate accounts. Through a series of sophisticated processes, hard telephone invoices are interfaced directly into Telecost for detailed billing, budgeting, cost consolidation, service comparisons and network management

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  • Compatible with Norstar, BCM, SCS 500, CS 1000 and Meridian 1
  • Versions for General Business, Professional and Hospitality
  • Special Enhanced Reporting for IVR, CDR, CCR, Voice Mail, Hunt Groups, Wireless
  • Logs data from traditional SMDR Box, IP and ODBC Connectivity
  • Multi-Site, Multi-User and Multi-Platform
  • Works with virtually any telephone system
  • Automatic Job Scheduler
  • Dial-up, FTP and Direct Polling
  • HTML, RTF and TXT reporting
  • Complete with V&H Tables and Tariff s tructures
  • Superior costing engines for any country
  • Integrates with all popular Property Management Systems
  • Email reports
  • Dynamic Filtering Criteria for Ad-hoc Reporting
  • No maximum call capacity
  • Integrates with CTI applications
  • Emergency and Ad-hoc Notification
  • Poll multiple devices simultaneously
  • Countless Report Templates or design your own
  • Tracks Internet, Data and ISDN traffic
  • Determine best available services with Carrier Comparison

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